hi i have an acer 7530g, was working with it last night, i think it over heated and it turned off so i left to cool down,went to try today it starts bootin windows then goes into (windows was not shut down properly, choose last know workin windows,safe mode,start normaly,) when i press any it goes to quick blue screen and restarts back to (windows was not shut down properly, choose last know workin windows,safe mode,start normaly,)any ideas i dont have xp disc so dont know what to do or what it could be , please someone help. thank you.sue

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The blue screen is known as a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). The BSOD can be hardware or software related. For example, if say your RAM or HDD was damaged where the device works but has intermittent failures, you would see experience a BSOD. If it is software related as in the case that you install a driver that isnt playing nice, you could see the same result. However, in the case of a software problem, booting to the Last Known Configuration, or even Safe Mode and running a System Restore to a last known good point should resolve the issue.

If its HW related, the only way to resolve it is to figure out what failed, then swap it out. If you had extra parts, it makes it easier. Otherwise, you may need someone to check the BSOD and decifer the error message to help you determine what actually is failing.

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