Recently I tried dual booting vista and xp, laptop hp g60-214em originally has vista installed, I partitioned the hd and put windows xp onto the partitioned drive. I installed some drivers to try and get xp to run properly after a restart xp wouldn't boot just goes to a black screen and I think it says ''invalid boot.ini file booting from c/windows/'' very briefly. stumped on what to do now?, I'v tried booting from the xp disc, reformatting and installing a fresh copy of xp but it doesn't work.
Can anyone help please?

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What I would recommend is for you to install a host operating system of your choice. For me, it wouldnt be Vista. You could go with Windows XP, but it will be out of support in 2013. In any case, one host operating system.

If you want to run additional operating systems on the same machine, rather than setting up complex multi-boot configurations, just install a virtualization application such as VMWare, Virtual Box, or even Virtual PC. All three are free.

What this gives you is that you can run as many virtual guest operating systems as your computer's resources can handle.

For example, if you set up the host computer to run Windows 7 x64 with say 8 GB of ram, you can easily get half or dozen or more decent running guest operating systems, all running at the same time, on the same network, or different virtual networks.

Thanks for the reply but it doesn't help me to get windows to boot? i'v tried using recovery console with the xp install disc but doesn't work. Because it says invalid boot.ini file booting from c/windows/ which is the partition with vista on, do i need to use a vista recovery cd to use recovery console?

So the action you take next depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you don't have any important data, I'd take either the installation media for the OS of your choice, boot from it and start a fresh clean install.

If you need to recover Vista, you'd have to boot from Vista and perform a windows repair. For a guaranteed working system in the least amount of time go with a fresh install.

Otherwise, the recovery options may or may not work. I couldn't tell you for sure without having access to the system for troubleshooting.

Thanks for the help, well I've had to buy a vista recovery disc, never made one from the recovery drive, my own fault. I tried installing a fresh copy of xp and formatting but after a restart it doesn't continue the install I get the black screen and the "invalid boot.ini file booting from c/windows/"
Well the c: drive is the main partition with vista installed. So I take it that it's vista that needs repairing? So I've bought the vista recovery cd to try and I'm hoping that I can fix it that way?

My suggestion is that if the data is not important, don't bother with a recovery. If you have a Windows XP cd, just install a fresh clean copy of that OS until you acquire a newer OS. During the installation of XP in phase 1 (blue screen text pages), you will have the ability to delete the existing partitions and format the drive.

If your cd is good, the setup should complete without error. If you proceed with an XP install I do not recommend that you try a repair.

If you obtain a Vista install disk, the process is similar.

Well the laptop originally came with vista pre installed so I need a recovery disc to re install don't I?.
I don't want xp as a main operating system as I can't find the drivers for it for my laptop, so I think I'm gonna give up on the xp idea to be honest.

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