My asus laptop screen goes blank after the windows 7 logo but still loads to the desktop as the loging on audio is played but screen remains blank.
I can start the laptop in safe mode and the screen works perfect.
I dont have any system restore points as this was turned off.

Please can any one help me with this problem

This problem looks very solvable, we just need to learn what caused it.

What was the last program you installed, or updated? Did you make any changes to your computer?

In Safe Mode, can you find your way to Event Viewer? We need to know of any errors reported in the Systems log. To get there please...

Click on Start Button, then copy and paste into the Run box exactly what is written here, with or without the quotes; "eventvwr.exe". Now click on ` Windows Logs', and then 'System'. If you see any errors (the day before, and on the day, and since) then please copy and paste the report here. You will need to use CTRL C to copy the report, but just paste as normal.