is their a way that if i will connect an usb device on the usb port but the computer will read as serial device that is connected on the serial port, so the usb device will be read on COM port.

I have huawei E1552 modem that will support GSM, that will plug in the usb port and also i have a sample program that will send and receive SMS but the program will only communicate the COM port of the computer and i dont have any serial port because i am using a laptop.

so i tried to google if i can have a software that will create a virtual COM port then it will read it from the usb so that my huawei E1552 modem will be treated as it was plug in in the serial port but i didn't get any.

i will appreciate if there any suggestion you can give to me.

Thank you

BTW sorry for my bad english

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Yes, there are USB to Serial dongles you can buy online. These are used as you described since computers do not generally come with built in serial ports.

No, I think i dont want another hardware, what i want is that i want my usb will be read on COM port.

What i am saying is that if i will plug-in my usb on to the usb port my laptop will treat as it was plug-in to serial port, so that i can read my usb throught the COM port not on the usb port.

Correct me if i misunderstand your reply.


Ok, i understand what you are trying to do. I am not aware of any type of software that can emulate a USB port to act as a serial port.

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