About a week ago, hubby went to go on the pc, getting nice and comfy he switched the pc on, and bang/pop no power, nothing.
Mmmm, sounded like a blown fuse.
He opted to change the fuse in the main plug that goes into the wall....try again with new fuse...ditto, the same thing happened,...bang/pop....nothing, still a dead pc!
What can it be?
A faulty 'power supply' has been suggested, but how are we supposed to know if the 'power supply' is at fault?

Can anyone help us out?


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Power supply sound bad don't try using the same powersupply twice if you heard a load bang coming from it. Will damage mobo and other parts if it hasn't yet.

If the power supply has blown two fuses, then it is almost certainly faulty power supply. A shorted component in the supply is causing the supply to try to draw more current (from the wall outlet) than it should safely do; the fuses are blowing because of this, because that is their job- to protect the rest of the system from electrical overload.

As djrivera1 suggested, do not continue trying to use the computer, as you risk further damage by doing so. The supply can be tested at a professional computer repair shop if you want the definitive answer as to its condition, but from your description I'd say she's toast. Hopefully, the fuses blew quickly enough that other components in the computer escaped harm, but don't be surprised if that's not the case. :(

Dont Ever Try To Plug That Psu Into Another (working) Pc

Try different cable. The one you're using could have shortened the circuit.
If so, it would be visible in a form of burned or melted insulation.(also, no power ever came to the pc thus leaving it untouched)

Bare in mind that it is a fire hazard.

I put fauklty psu in good machine to test before- good machibe blew up

Thank you all for your help and advice. Hubby will try a new psu....fingers crossed still. ;)

Try buying a true rated Power Supply Unit.

Foxtrot, this thread dates back to 2006!!!

I agree with what Rik said. You can start a new thread in the same forum, but please don't post in old thread especially in a 5 years old thread.

oops! I didn't notice. sorry

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