my hp pavilion dv4 1125 laptop's screen started flickering yesterday showing horizontal lines sometimes and sometimes moving all around. when i tilt the lid towards the keyboards it gets better, sometimes it stops for a while. also, when i open the laptop, the screen works fine for 10 minutes before it starts showing these horizontal lines. i tried connecting the laptop to an external screen and it works fine and there is no flickering in the external screen. Also, when i hold the top of the lid down with my hand it stops flickering. I'm not sure what is wrong? and i'm no expert in this at all so i'm taking it to my brother to see what he can do but it would help to know what other things we could check out. I really hope we won't have to change the screen. the screen doesn't go black and it doesn't show different colours but sometimes when i'm playing a game, the colour would change a bit then i'd move the lid and it'd return back to normal. could it be a loose cable connecting the monitor to motherboard? i certainly hope it something we could fix ourselves and not have to take it to someone specially that it's out of warranty.

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I guess your screen is LED, because its common that cable connections get loose with frequent closing/opening ( rash usage ).