My sons school sold all their old laptops for $20 a piece.
I bought 2 for the hell of it. I got windows 98 loaded fine but can't get any sound, and only 2 and 16 color. They have no software for them.
I can't find what the motherboard manuf. is.
It is a Hatachi visionbook pro 7000 series. model 7755. type pcx-onho4-007t3. Mfg ID : HIPCSJ.
I have been to the Hatachi web site, Driverguide.com and other searches. I wouldn't normally ask in this forem but I'm running out of ideas. If anyone knows a site or has any fresh ideas you would be helping many of us who have bought these.

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Thanks a lot, The audio driver works! I will test every vidio driver and let you know the results.


Thanks to you chaky, I have both audio and video working five.
You've made several people happy.

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