my laptop keeps shutting down automatically.
its not necessarily a heating issue because its generally lukewarm when it shuts down on its own.
what happens is that I run a few programs at the same time and hear this growling revviing of my cpu fan and it shuts down seconds later.

hp dv5 windows 7 5 yrs old.

looking forard to your help


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Based on your comments I would say it is heat related. I have had a few HP laptops over the last decade (Compaq and HP have always made a quality product) and what has probably happened is the heat sync on top of the processor is clogged with dust. You can buy a can of compressed air just about anywhere now a days and I suggest that you blow out the dust (with the computer off or you risk burning out the fan motor) through the vents on the back and sides (sometimes bottom also). Blow it out from both directions and I will bet you see some improvement.


Wouldn't be a virus! What he said he is running programs at the same time putting pressure on the CPU and eventually shutting down the pc because there are too many things running at once


there are could be 2 problems: with power supplier or heating system
Tell me how lond do you use your laptop? Did you clean it from dust? Do you change thermal compound after buying your laptop?
And also answer for your question: USB fan will not help yoг if the problem connects with power supplier

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