I bought 3 Gateway NE56R09h laptops in April of 2013. One has been in for repairs twice, thankfully covered under warranty. Unfortunately one month after the warranty ended, one of the other laptops refuse to power on. Nothing appears on screen. I can hear a whirring noise for about 2-3 seconds and then nothing. I have tried it without the battery, & just being plugged into the wall. I have tried it with only the battery. I have re-seated the hard drive & the RAM. I have tried another hard drive. I have tried the "hold power button" trick and nothing works. My next step is to use a compressor to try & blow any dust out & see if it helps, but I am thinking it is probably the motherboard. Any info out there or advice? I would really appreciate it. I am not very tech savvy, but I'm learning as I go along. I will NEVER buy another Gateway/Acer product that's for sure.

I would complain to Gateway - if a system fails hard like this one month after warranty, I think they should still service it, if only to replace it with a reconditioned unit, vs a new one.

You may try HP or Asus!!

hp and asus laptops die to,if you dont believe me i could send you a couple of dead ones ,lol

to OP it does sound like a motherboard or possiable a heat issue ,so opening it as much as possiable and cleaning it with compressed air is worth a try

update. After getting no where with Gateway (they offered to fix it for $150 instead of the $250 they normally charge), I contacted Acer on Facebook and explained the issues. They tried looking up my serial number & just like Gateway, they could find nothing. They asked me for a pic of the sticker on the bottom of my laptop. Two days later, I received a message back saying they found out why the & Gateway couldn't find my system in their records, it's a Japanese model, not Canadian. The asked if I bought it online & maybe it was shipped to me. Told them "no, The Source in Sudbury, Ontario sold it to me". They were baffled! They decided to offer me a one time courtesy repair, but informed me I may need to purchase windows on disk format.
I appreciate their assistance, but now I am going after The Source to reimburse my shipping fee & a copy of windows on disk. Thanks for the help everyone.