Hey guys,

I recenetly just bought a cheap laptop.

It's a HP 1854 motherboard, I wanna use my Elpida 2gb 2rx8 pc3 10600s-9-10-f1 ram. Will this fry my motherboard?

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Never seen RAM fry motherboard. As long as memory and motherboard are in good condition, and memory fits, you should be fine.

System will alert you with multiple beeps if it does not like RAM, and not boot. Otherwise, you should see message about change in memory configuration, with request to confirm changes to continue.

Agree with asabo it will work or not work should not fry anything it will just beep or not boot at all, i alays go to Crucial.co.uk or com and check on there its a free service but gives the correct ram and how much the board can take#


All RAM works on that Laptop!

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