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Or, if this is the password that you set in BIOS then pulling the CMOS battery in a computer of the vintage likely to be running XP for several seconds should null it.


After pulling the battery, hold the power-on button down for at least 10-30 seconds in order to drain the CMOS-Flash memory charge. Just removing the battern is insufficient. Also, some systems actually require shorting out a couple of terminals on the motherboard. Some HP systems require that to discharge the CMOS. My attorney gifted my grandson an HP laptop that was so locked. After removing the battery, he took the cover and keyboard off, shorted out the contacts, and then was able to install Windows 7. Took him all of about an hour to have Win7 up and running. He uses the system to run high-end circuit design tools (retail value, about $50K - he got a legitimate license from one of his clients for work he did for them). I'm a computer geek. He is an uber-geek! :-)

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Go on then rishiforum, if you can add anything of value to help the OP then fire away. Do it in this forum though so everyone can see and benefit from it. This isn't a place to try and sell your services through...


I thinl this will help: There is a Sofware called HIRENS BOOT. You can use it to crack the password. Just download it & use, however you have to first set your Bios first boot device to DVD/CD Rom & proceed from there.

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