since my dell latitude d830 battery is now completely wide, I am looking for a replacement. Although Google spits out several things really seriously not seem to me to some pages but <link deleted> although such does not look wrong, but a missing address in the imprint somehow seems daunting. Therefore, the question if anyone has experience with relevant online stores. Please no e-Bay dealer account is not available on my part ;) Thanks in advance :)

I am of 2 minds on laptop battery replacements.

  1. If it's for work or the fretful/fearful you get it from Dell. Done.
  2. If you are not placing it in places that are made like a tinder box and know it's slightly ever so slightly risky you get one from Amazon and move on. If you doubt, see answer #1

I found a replacement for my D630 for about $25 at www.rakuten.com (formerly buy.com). Seems as good as the original for a 9 cell battery (extended life). One from Dell is almost $200.