I have an external Seagate hard drive (Part #: 9BD862-580 and Serial #: 4LSOLYMD) that I've used for years. I recently moved and had it in my car and moved it a couple of times. I just tried to use it and when I power it on, the green light flashes but the motor inside does not start.
I have tried different USB cords, not expecting success because it seems to be a motor issue inside the drive.
I've read some suggestions here for similar issues which recommend opening the drive box and connecting the drive to a desktop computer's motherboard.
Is there anything else I should try before opening the drive? If not, any tips on opening the drive and connecting to a desktop to try to access the data on the drive?
Thank you so much.

Great, thanks rproffitt.
I didn't intend to open the drive, just the case. But didn't know about the device you referenced in your link, so I'll try that. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Re-reading my post, I see I did say "drive" a few times, but meant "drive case."
Happy Fourth weekend!

My external Seagate drive has these "security" nuts on them that look like they take a "star" bit to remove them, but they have a post in the middle of the nut. I bought a TT20 bit to try to remove the nuts, but the bit doesn't fit in the nut.
Any ideas? The guy at Lowes said to put the bit on the nut and maybe tap it lightly but I hesitate to do that.

Am not sure whay you mean by "post in the middle", but perhaps you are looking for a "Torx TR" (or TS).

Thanks, guys. (I assume you're guys)...
I bought a Kobalt TT20 bit which looks like the Torx bits in the link you posted above. The hole in mine is too small to get around the post in the nut, but the Torx bits in your post look like they have bigger holes, so I'll head to Depot to try to find. If not, I'll get from Amazon.
I appreciate your responses!

Good luck! I had a Seagate consumer external drive that died after a short while. I have found that these are usually manufacturing seconds, and are unreliable. Now, I only purchase "enterprise" external drives (no cases) with a 3 year warranty, and then put them in a case that I get separately. Slightly more expensive, but 100x more reliable! The extended warranty has served me well in the past, although I find Seagate drives over 1TB to run very hot, and fail quicker than similar drives from Western Digital or Hitachi. Too bad. I did consulting work for Seagate for a couple of years and they were good people to work for. Unfortunately, their engineering seems to need some work... :-(

Remember we are not trying to save the old case. When it absolutely must be opened I've used needle nose pliers of the just right size to remove the TS screw. I've also used a just right size flat head to get in the Torx slot/ring and unscrewed it.

Finally there's the old hacksaw or dremel method in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zesGk1OdwJ0

Thanks rubberman and rproffitt. Yes, I am not trying to save the case, but confirmation is always helpful. And it's funny you mention needle nose pliers and a small flat head screwdriver -- I kinda tried both of those methods yesterday. I'm not really time crunched to get this solved, but will bring the drive case to Depot today just to see if I can get a bit to fit it, and if not, try the pliers, screwdriver again or lastly, the Dremel.
I appreciate your input :)

the syptoms your described in original post is something called "Head Stiction" normally due to shock or drop.
i would suggest if you have important data on drive, contact a DR company, at this stage should not be a expensive recovery.

there are also DIY you can found on internet, but chances of success is not promising and did't worth to try if there is important data inside.

your data your choice.