I am doing an older system rebuild. I was in the process of installing Win 7, and everything seemed to be working just fine. It restarted on it's own, and now it won't go past the initial bios splash screen, or load into bios. I've tried resetting the CMOS, replacing RAM and swapping CPU... nothing.
I've seen this before and it was a bad mobo, but it was working completely fine through the initial installation... it was only after the reboot that it started doing this...
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Try a cold reboot (not a warm restart) and hold down the F2 or Esc key immediately after hitting the power switch/button.

To get into BIOS, I need to press delete. If I press delete as soon as the system boots, it goes to the CMOS splash screen instead of the regular splash screen and it says "entering setup..."
but nothing ever happens.

Took out the HDD, wiped it again, and it boots fine. I'm thinking there was an issue in the BIOS... maybe set to IDE mode instead of AHCI... Seems to be working fine now. Thanks

Glad you got the problem rectified if any other problems arise i'll be glad to help :)

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