I got a Notbook from a friend to fix it, strictly speaking, installing a fresh copy of operating system. The Netbook brand may be not a well-known brand, "ChiliGreen Netbook" model "Neo", the Netbook comes with Windows XP Home edition. First I tried to install Windows 7 X86 on it after installation I found that neither the wireless network adapter nor the bluetooth appear on the device manager at all even not as a "not known devices". I re-installed another copy of the operating system but it was Windows XP Professional SP3 this time but again I did not find both devices on the device manager. I sent an email to the manufacturer and they informed me that there is an application called "OSD" that I have to install and after installing it I can turn on either bluetooth or the wireless network adapter through pressing FN+ESC and FN+F3 respectively and they should appear on the device manager beside I will have an indication when pressing those buttons combination that they become online but unfortunately that does not happen and even every time I need to make a restart or shutdown I faced with the "End Program" dialog asking me to end the OSD process. Really I need help as I got the Netbook and they were working and I cannot give it back to my friend that way :(.

Thanks for any ideas or trials that could help me pass this problem

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Nothing seems wrong here. That is, the OSes you listed are not known to support the hardware on a fresh install or find drivers or devices without a lot of help. This can shock folk that do this the first few times. Once I ran into a "seasoned" Windows installer that thought it meant something was wrong with the machine.

In short, you install Windows then hunt down drivers and apps to get the rest of the PC working. As you can imagine it's not as if folk can tell you exactly what drivers and apps to install because your PC is not like theirs.

I often install operating system 2 - 3 times per year. I knew that the operating system need drivers to be able to figure out and communicate properly with the devices. I visited the manufacturer website and I downloaded the drivers associated with the netbook brand from it before the first installation of the operating system.

What I am facing now that VGA, LAN, Webcam, Chipset, Cardreader, and Audio drivers installed without any sort of complain and they are working just fine every time I install a fresh copy of the OS. The problem is that when trying to install the Bluetooth the installation process stops at certain time asking me to connect the device and then try to continue the installation, in addition, I cannot find either the bluetooth or the wireless network adapter on the device manager. Even when I installed the WLAN driver it started and finished normally but I still cannot find the WiFi adapter when openning the Network Adapter Settings?! Also still cannot find it listed on the device manager network adapter section!!!

I sent an email to the manufacturer and they informed me that I should install a companion app called OSD and when I did I can turn on bluetooth and the wireless adapter by pressing FN+ESC and FN+F3 respectively and I will have a screen indication when doing so informing me with their run. I already did that, however, nothing happened and whenever I press FN+ESC the netbook goes into sleep mode!!! and no screen indication appears to me. In addition, every time I need to restart or shutdown the netbook an End Program dialog appears requesting to end the OSD app process for completing the restart of the shutdown process.

Is there a problem in the OSD app? If I changed the bluetooth/wirless network adapter module with another one will I still face the same problem or it will be solved?

To me this tells me the hardware is now suspect. Do try a few Linux distros to see if it works there.

And if that works, order the Windows restore media for this PC.

Forgot to add this.

I continue to encounter folk that install the WIndows OS and blow the driver install routine. You claim to know but didn't share enough for me to point out what's missing. Tell me every driver you install after the OS.

get a copy of drivers guide and it will locate the drivers for you

I installed the Windows XP Home edition ServicePack 3. After OS installation I installed the Chipset, LAN, VGA, Audio, WebCam, Cardreader, and the OSD app, respectively, then tried to install the Bluetooth and the WiFi after it. Those are the drivers I installed after each OS installation. I aslo downloaded lots of DriverPacks apps and no one of them detect neither the Bluetooth nor the WiFi adapter. I even installed the OS once and before installing any of the downloaded drivers I have I installed the online DriverPack app and it did not figure out the WiFi adapter there is an Ethernet Controller with an exclamation icon within a yellow triangle but the app cannot figure out or download a driver for it.

At this point there is some hardware failure since you've repeated what worked before.

Try a Linux OS to see if the hardware works in that OS. Get a current distro. Get 2. Try Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

OK however unfortunately I do not know how to deal with Linux or Ubuntu. I did not install or use them before, I always wanted, but I did not so I will try to search on how to install and use them then if the problem stay still I will post a comment.

Sometimes you need an external bluetooth device that you put into discovery mode so that the PC hardware has a signal to latch onto. However, as rproffitt pointed out, are you SURE this has bluetooth?

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