All righty then...
Dell Opti.GX1 (yep I know, a dinosaur), suppose to be W98, shows NT 4.1. Purch. on ebay for a steal. Assured it worked. Yeah, right.

Well. I did only pay $5.50 .
Sounds normal. No unusual beeps. Inside appears secure & proper.
1) F2 gets you into bios....but alt P does NOT get you to page 2 of bios. and I am assuming since not on pg.1 - the panel to set boot sequence is on pg.2. Can't change order until I can get there. It appears not to recognize CD drive (shows power, & opens). Floppy drive sounds grinding...not a good sign - but it reads them fine - got to disk #1, loaded drivers etc. WinNT executables.....(off - under boot disks WinNT 4.1 makes a set of three floppies from three cmd. downloads). .....But - when it asks you to place disk #2 in drive and press Enter when ready........enter causes nothing to happen.
Trying to get this thing started without a CD, so I can get it wiped, and do a proper full install.
Do Not Have any recovery CD's for anything NT.

2) Upon just powering up, and allowing it to try booting.....Dell screen, bios A07, black screen w/
OS Loader 4.01.7
Press spacebar NOW to invoke Hardware Profile/Last Known Good Menu
Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

This is a registry file, and I have a winXP, and a win98 machine in the house....but uncertain how to get that file off one machine and onto the bad one.
No further commands can occur after that error just sits. ctl alt del doesn't even restart it.

My hypothesis is - the kid who sold it to me decided to "wipe" it himself, didn't have the skills, sent it anyhow - and I will be changing out the hard drive instead of fiddling with this NT garbage.

Am I right ? It is only a 8GB drive, and I have a couple proper Maxtor's sitting here that are at least 15 and 20 GB - that will fit the opening and the mobo.
I just hate giving up on a live one, and this is suppose to be for a third grader to just look stuff up - not gaming, etc. - so Mom wasn't real worried about "space".
I live to serve !
Thanks in advance.

Re: NT hangs at logo/bios screen.. 80 80

Please don't shy from this because I sound like I know what I'm doing !
I am truly lost, and this spazzes me out, not to figure what the ten words are that tie the whole works together !

Fresh point of view. Clear brain. Whatever ya want to call it.

Thank you.

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