alright, first off hi, im new, whats up?
if you would spend some time and read/answer if you can, a question ive been having i would appreciate it greatly.
my computer has been shutting down, it happens a few seconds after i try to open a game. im not sure if its a fan issue, i heard it might be. i have 2 fans though. i have reinstalled the game and made sure i have all the game requirements so i dont think the problem is there. after my computer shuts down i just reboot and try again and it always ends up the same. im not sure what to do, any infomation would help alot. thank you.

one of the requirements of many games is to have fully updated DirectX drivers and graphics card drivers also, which many times can be overlooked.

go to your video card's site to obtain these drivers if you havent already. to get the latest version of directx go here

if you have these up to date - then it is more than likely a weak power supply which is shutting itself off since it doesnt put out enough wattage to power your computer during power-intensive processes like 3-d games. Games like Doom III and Half Life II suck up the wattage.

There may be issues the game maunfactuer knows of regarding your particular computer's configuration. So, to be sure, submit a support request to the game manufacturer and see what other explanations they can give you before going out to buy a new power supply.

Or check if the machine is overheating. open the side panel and position a desktop fan inside the comuter. Try playing the game with the fan blowing air in the computer. If this is indeed a heating issue, the computer should not restart with the fan blowing air inside. See if this helps.

this happens to me in my pc it turned out to be a combination of overheating and using too much power