I have a geforce FX 5500 AGP X8 & AMD 64 x2 4200 just put it together. For some reason I cannot run a few of my games Call Of Duty 2, Pain Killer, Half Life 2, H/L Episode 1, F.E.A.R. and Quake 4. I can run Doom 3 with no peoblems (ultra setting) When I run these games I get a "blank" screen, however all sounds are fine. I used this video card on my Intel 2.4 gig Chip with 1024 meg ddr 333 ram.

The Mother board on the intel supported only AGP x4 but again I had no problem with these games.

I have updated all the drivers including the bios (mother board ASRock 939Dual-VSTA) I have matched all the setting on the bios as per manufacture requirement

To sume up I have tried everything. I love my new AMD (first time amd user) but going with out my favorite games is a major drag!!

The problem is with your graphics card as opposed to your chipset,I would presume.

Doom 3,although a great game,is older than anything else you've mentioned.Some cheaper AGP 8x graphics cards are quite incompatable which is why they are cheap in the first place.#

Try adjusting you're screen resolution,some cards don't support certain resolutions.Do this in the games(using a setup utility,most of the games you mentioned have them).Set them to the lowest and then tweak if it works.

How much RAM are you running and what size is you're video card?

A lot of people think bigger is better with video cards BUT if you have windows XP and a 512mb card running then You're available RAM takes a nosedive as windows reserves around 512 mb at an operational level and if you're graphics card reserves another 512 mb ram you may only have 100-1024 mb physical memory available.

I would definitely try a different graphics card before I ditched the amd set anyway.Also if you're current card is an older one try getting an older Nvidea firmware