Hi All,

I'm new here. I have two Gateway computers at my office that are running off Windows 98 (I know I should update). They are identical computers.

The problem is is that both the mouse and keyboard no longer work. It's happened on both machines.

I've tried rebooting, doesn't work.
I've looked to make sure plugs weren't switched. Neither has had any new hardware installed.

Can you help?


To have them fail in both machines is too astonishing to be a coincidence. Has somebody been diddling with your computers?
If they are USB keyboard and mouse, or wireless ones, the failure rate for those is so high it is laughable.
If they are regular keyboard and mouse with the PS/2 plug into a PS/2 socket, and do not work. Try any other keyboard and mouse. If the traded out units do not work, reinstall Windows 98, which will usually solve the problem. If that doesn't work, leave them in the nearest environmental waste garbage bin and spend a few bucks on a new Windows Vista model in a few days, or buy a good used IBM, Dell, or Gateway that runs Windows XP.
It is almost 2007. Next year, be nice to yourself.