alright, so just yesterday, my pc totaly screwed up, like, i didnt know what was wrong, but thats not the problem, i recently bought 2 pc3200 512 ddr ram cards to install along with my two preinstalled 256 ddr ram cards, trust me, there the same type of card, anyways, all four worked in harmony together until i reformated my entire hard drive, my friend told me to take out both cards before i did, so i did, and now that everythings all good, one of the cards (512) wont work, i can put in 1 card and have 960 mb of ram, but everytime i put the other one in so all four cards are in , it reboots every 10 seconds after i turn my computer on and if it does make it to the desktop screen, it just displays a bunch of error massages until it eventually restarted again , i dont know whats wrong, i know my ram card isnt damaged or fried or anything, do i have to reconfigure something??

thanks alot

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Static electricity is always a concern, especially in the winter, so make sure that you discharge yourself to the metal of your case before handling the RAM.
Take out your RAM and put one at a time in, see if the puter starts, remove it and try the next one and so on. If one of those modules is bad it will show itself. Have you tried putting the third module in the slot where the fourth slot to see if you some how damage that slot?

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