I have a Biostar motherboard..


and have 2 x 512 mb ram sticks... (one is ddr400, one is ddr333)...they both currently work fine together and I get a nice 1gb ram performance out of them.

I want to upgrade to 2gb ram, but am unsure as to whether buying a 1gb ddr400 stick will work with the other 2 sticks to give me 2gb.

The motherboard supports up to 4gb...but will this proposed 3-stick setup work? - i read something about it may work if i disable dual channel and use single channel - can anyone enlighten me??

thanks in advance for any help / posts


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In order to run in dual channel your modules have to have the exact same specs including the speed. For the best results your should purchase matched pairs for a reputable manufacturer like Crucial, you find better prices on matched pairs than purchasing them seperately. You can run the dissimilar modules, the faster modules will underclock to the speed of the slower module.

Your user's manual should have all the information regarding the RAM configurations.

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