hello everyone i have a EASYNOTE M5260 laptop

link to the brand


but now i have a weird problem

when i press the button , i have absoluutly no responce at al

when i plug in the power supply (recharge cable)

only 1 light goes on for 3 seconds and off for 3 seconds (and keeps blinking that way)

its a orange light in the front,, but the laptop wont start , nor give a sound when i press the start button.

while my first guess is that its the battery but when the cable is plugged in it should work , i absoluutly dont know whats wrong with it

if anyone has any clue please or know how to help , i would be gratefull

and if you have any more questions please ask and i'll anwser

ps : my pc/laptop hardware knowlage is medium so

Hold the start button down for 10 seconds.

Laptops have various power saving modes and having to press and hold the power button to re-animate it is fairly common across laptop models.

ive tried that also , frankly doesnt work , if that was the case should the (orange) light blink without the addapter?