I'm having problems getting my microphone to detect in the gigabyte auto-sense. For some reason it is seeing it as a power speaker.
I have a regular boom mic and it works fine(it is detected properly and works in every way i have tried) but when i try to hook up the Labtec C-316 Headset with mic it just wont see it. There is nothing particularly special about it...no volume control or built in push to talk buttons...the speaker portion works fine. I have tried using the microphone with and without the headset speaker and neither works.
I have updated both my chipset drivers for MB and the realtek audio drivers and i see no difference.

My MB is a Gigabyte GA-K8U

My biggest belief is that this is software related not hardware..i do have another headset with microphone and it is detected the same way(powerspeaker) im thinking of putting another machine together just to test headset microphones but i believe they work(at least they did about 6months ago when i stopped using them but that was on another system)

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I would double check your property settings in Volume controll and make sure that the Headset is set correctly under recording options.

As stated above i can switch the microphones back and forth repeatedly and the boom mic always works without fail. The two different headsets get nothing from the mic. Unless there is something im missing it wont be in basic recording volume controls as they dont change when i switch out microphones.

If there is something im missing please let me know and thanks for the effort.


Does the mic require phantom power?

-This may be the problem.
Click audio controls on the taskbar, go to advanced under Master Volume. Make sure that center speaker and subwoofer isn't connected to microphone. Just uncheck both, unless that option is required.. worked for me.

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