Hey guys
Nice forum. I just bought 2 Intel D955XBK mobo, 2 NVidia GeFordce 6600LE's a gaggle of RAM and some HD's spairing you a long hardware list that you dont need. Anyways. I have ONLY 1 stick of RAM installed, the 20 pin and 4 pin plug pluged in and then another 2+2 plug plugged in. Also I have the graphics card in. And of course the Core 2 DUo processor. All fans spin on start up, but no post. The mobo is settting OUT of the case on an antistatic surface. WHat i find weird is if i pull out the GPU or the ram, I dont get warning beeps. This is MOBO number 3 and 4. So far, this intel board has not shown me promise. I am properly grounded. But i cannot seem to get a post. Any ideas at all? These PC's are for my work, so speed is key. Thanks.


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There IS a speaker built into the MOBO, so that eliminates the question of. "Is the speaker plugged in" Could I have gotten 4 bad Intels? That just seems......different.. Like I shouldnt walk out during a lightening storm, cause I may get hit type stuff...

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