My HP Pav zv6000 won't boot up. All lights and fan comes on and the screen appears to lighten up (likes its starting to come on from black to grey) and then goes dark. I've tried the following:

-- hooking up an alternative monitor; no luck, still no video
-- taking out battery, resetting RAM, etc

What else could it be (I'm hoping I can fix it by myself without having to haul it off to HP and pay their nightmarish fees) -- any help would be greatly appreciated!


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What about POST beep do you hear it and also have u tried to reset the BIOS of the system. Did you place anything new software or hardware


There aren't any beeps or sounds when I try to power up and at the time this occurred I hadn't added any new software or hardware.

I haven't tried resetting the BIOS - how would I go about doing that?


Guys, check the HP website if your Lappies are part of HP faulty batch- then it might be eligible for 1 year extended warranty.

Mine is, so Good luck!

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