So my friend built this computer (or at least tried to) and the monitor doesnt turn on. I plugged everything in right and still didnt work. The motherboard has an integrated vga, and we also put in a graphics card. it doesnt work on either one (tried removing graphics card). computer runs on 230 volts. Its not shorted anywhere that i know of, it is placed on risers. Reset cmos, removed battery to no prevail. anybody have any tricks up their sleeves? yes the monitor works

The evidence of monitor being driven by this newly built system lies in what the BIOS displays.

What can you tell us about the booting process? Clicks, whirrs, keyboard lights?

Hmm, i dong really get anything. fans turn on and stuff, but the lights on the keyboard donr flash.

SO - No Display = Not Booting at all.

If it was booting, it wouldn't care about the monitor and the keyboard lights would flash twice and the disk lights would be flashing.

Any beeps? If not then the whole thing other than your fans are simply not working.

Either the PC isn't put together properly or the CPU isn't working or seated properly.

What motherboard jumpers are there and what have you set them to?

The only jumper settings i see are the cmos and some audio jumper i havent touched. I reseated the processor a few times but it didnt help. I cleared cmos again etc. nothing helped.
im not even sure if the speaker is in right. but ive turned it around a few times and it doesnt beep. the motherboard is pchips p29g v1.0