hi, i am trying to create a virtual network bet. 3 linux virtual machines on my vmware. also, i'd need them to be connected to the external network.
vmware help-manual says that to use the 'host network' configuration for network connectivity in a VM, u should have configured vmware for the same during installation (probably by creating /dev/vmnet1). but unfortunately, this is not the case in our computer lab. so is there some-other way i can manage to connect 3 hosts together while maintaining outside connectivity.

thanks a lot!!

I don't know if can get your problem.

However think the utilization of vmware as a resource that create virtual machines to us but real to the guest OS. So, to each machine created vmw create a complete set of companents, as BIOS, MEM, Disk, Lan card, Sound card, etc.

To connect several virtual machines, each others and, all ones with other external machines, you have two ways to do it. This is described on the VMW manual of installation, that you can get on VMW site.

But after the installation of each machine don't forget that you'll need to configure the network parameters correctly, as you are on eral machines.

Weel hoppe to help you.

Mery Crhistimas!