Hi All,
I'm try to setup mimedefang on fedora core 1 using sendmail, the problem is that i do not have much experiance of rebuilding software, which this processs requires.

so the process goes- unpack the sendmail source (no-probs)

create and change a config file (yep)

build the source #sh Build -c

this is the problem, when i do the build the output shows lots of errors and i dont know if this is normal or not.

if anyone has setup mimedefang on redhat 8/9 or fedora core 1, please give me a shout with some advise. or if any of you out there are good with rebuilds give me a reply and i'll cut and pase some output in the next post



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While I don't have any direct experience with mimedefang, here is a suggestion:

Use the script command. Just type script filename before running a build. After you've finished the build, then you just hit ^D to logout of script. After that, you've got a full transcript of what happened during that build at filename. If you took a look through that, you may be able to check out Google for Linux for some guidance. If that fails, then you could attach the script output here.

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