Reports in the UK indicate that Apple is about to start selling the iPhone through Tesco. Given that this is an American site (see the way I spelled 'rumors' up there? I'm getting the hang of this) I should explain that Tesco is like our version of Wal-Mart over here. Stack stuff high, sell it cheap, doesn't mean it's poor quality but equally if it's there it's commoditised.

I'd assumed this had happened to the iPhone immediately it went multi-provider to be honest, but what's really caught my eye is the amount of people predicting some sort of price war as a result of this Tesco move.

It's not going to happen and I know, because I like expensive aftershave (Armani Code, for anyone in a generous mood around, thought not). The link might not be obvious immediately I suppose; the fact is, though, that many branches of Tesco (and Sainsbury and no doubt other supermarkets) sell this and other premium scents. And they might well shave the odd £1 or so off the price but mostly it still costs the same as it would elsewhere, simply because there's only one source of it so they can control the price.

Likewise Tesco sells iPods. Check the website, it's a simple fact. It's sold them for some time alongside cheaper media players and hey, guess what everyone, there's been no iPod price war.

So we come to the iPhone. Tesco is going to start selling it, and whyever not. It's a common enough product by now, it's commoditised and sells in quantity, I wish Tesco every success in adopting it. But the idea that this is going to bring the price down in itself is crazy - Tesco doesn't control the buying price, Apple does. And my guess is that won't come down any time soon.

P. S. The other thing I'm very pleased indeed to say due to this being an American website is to wish all readers and their families a Happy Thanksgiving.