Apple may be taking orders for the iPad later this week, it transpires. At least so it says on this blog here.

I won't be ordering mine just yet, I confess. There are a number of reasons for this.

First I live in the UK. We therefore won't be offered an iPad just yet - I could be wrong but there's usually a delay (would you believe we still can't get the Zune).

More importantly, the point a lot of Apple fans seem to have missed this time the first version? Are you NUTS?

Have a look at the spec of the original iPhone. Then have a look at how much it improved at the mk. 2 stage. Now have a look at the way big screen iMac, and the trouble this is having. The next version will have addressed all of this.

So yeah, maybe Apple will be introducing iPad orders and maybe - just maybe - they'll be doing so internationally.

Do forgive me if I give it 12 months or so.