iPhone users can now create Web photo albums straight from their phone, with the ability to update existing albums. No longer is uploading photos from the iPhone a time-consuming task.

In the past, iPhone users needed to select photos one-by-one. The updated version of the photo sharing app from Jalbum , released today, uses the iOS4 API, which allows a multi-selection of photos. This makes putting together a photo album a faster task. This is the first iPhone app to support multi-selection for uploading photos. According to Daniel Plamann at Jalbums, since their service is based on collections of photos, and not individual photos, they needed to find a way to make uploading multiple photos easier.

Mobile devices had not been able to access presentation formats before because multiple techniques, such as flash, were not supported until now. The iOS4 allows for multi-tasking, and it was only a matter of time before this would be put to use for photo sharing. Photo collections uploaded by the Jalbum app can be published anywhere.