Hello all,

I have been search for days on how to do this without a single thing explaining how it can be done. I have imaged my Mac OS cd to a .iso that is readable by my windows platform, but how do I go about creating a VMWare usable workstation for this? Everyone I find documents saying "download torrent xyz" but I want to do this legally. I know I got to patch the disk but still no step by step guide in the process. Please note, I want to make a image for VMware, not install it to boot into (as I already got that)

As for the legal matter I know the speach about "you can't legally install mac on a non mac computer due to licensing agreements." That is not an issue as I am on a brand new MacBook Pro.

The issue is 99% of my development is done with windows Applications. While Parrellel Desktop works ok for some stuff, what I do in my every day to day life just isn't working from Parrellel as it's constant "loading" icon is causing my productivity to be 10 times less. I have gone through all the configuration option since any mac user I asked simply responded is "Its award winning man, I can read a notepad and send an IM without any problem! You must have it setup wrong" and the end result is, no I do not. It simply is running an emulation rom of a windows OS and I do far to much at a given time for it to keep up.

So my solution was BootCamp which works great but now when I do need my mac OS (the reason I bought this), which is to develop iPhone apps, I need to boot into mac closing everything I am doing. Ideally like "Parrellel is for mac" to allow mac use with minimal windows apps at the same time, I want to use my mac from windows, with minimal mac OS (emulating it) as I need.

I know for a fact it is possible as before I bought this mac I invested in looking at the rom, and it did indeed load up just fine in mac OS10 using vmWare. I need to know though how to manually create my OWN image so I can run it legally on my mac bought computer in the background of windows when needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!