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This application is obviously developed with the native iOS SDK, as you probably know.

To develop an application like that in Flash, well, just develop it. Then use the included packager for iPhone to turn it into an application. Learn how here: Adobe CS5's Packager for iPhone .

However, I would not recommend doing this for a number of reasons.
1. Flash-- Steve Jobs finally reformed, and let the packager fly, but that may be subject to change. Besides, consider the reasons that Jobs may have dropped Flash in its true form in the first place.
2. Apple-- The iPhone SDK is made FOR the iPhone. That means that it's controls are the ones you know and love on the iPhone. Objective-C 3.0 has been revamped to add a large array of convenient, and incredible, classes that act as UI controls. Objective-C is like a cheetah compared to a snail in in a race, with the cheetah and the snail Objective-C and Flash respectively. The SDK is cheap; free, that is. The learning curve it not too steep, taking that from a freshman, just use books or sources such as Lynda.com, don't even try to un-muddle Apple's unstructured documentation.

Another reason

Your question makes us scratch our heads and wonder whether you know anything about Flash. So why pick up one platform, when the other is so much more superior?

Anyway, good luck entering the iPhone world (a.k.a. the wild West).

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