I've just bought a macbook pro, switching from stereotype windows notebook.I'm unable to do a lot of things that I used to in windows-
a)can not open a file in new tab( not new window) in safari.
b) can not open any installer , mono for ex.The .dmg file does download but when I click nothing happens.
Please help.

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First of all what do you mean when you cannot open a file in new tab? Can you explain and give me some examples, perhaps?

Installer will open automatically when you double click on a .pkg file. Can you tell me what file types you see in the dmg. .zip or .pkg?

If you are using Safari then you can simply Press (Command+T) to open the page in a new tab. You can not directly open the installer it will open automatically when you click on something that needs installation.

What jingda and massy7890 said. Also, you can install Chrome or Firefox on OSX if you prefer them to Safari.

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