I'm having trouble connecting to a 'Gigabyte' router (802.11bg) my housemate recently purchased. My ibook (system 10.3.9) recognises the existence of the network in the airport drop down menu, but when I try and select it, I receive the message 'there was an error connecting you to the airport network "Gigabyte"'.

I don't know what I am doing wrong - the router and the mac are both set to configure automatically using DHCP, and the router succeeds in ascribing an IP address to the mac. My housemate has a pc and that works fine. I have been through the router's configurations, and nothing seems to be amiss. HELP.

Oh, and I have used my ibook on other networks with no probs at all. Everything has always just configured itself.

Thanks for listening,


1) Is the router doing MAC filtering?
2) Try creating a new Location in the Network prefpane and connection to the wireless network then.

i used to get the same error message in 10.3.x with my dlink router, however, when i checked connectivity i WAS actually connected and had network access despite the error. it's gone away since moving to 10.4.x