We started learning C++ in our class at school a few months ago, and hence, we have to download and use Turbo C++ 3.0 (90s software, ugh), as we don't have to change the syntax at all. Till now, I managed on Code::Blocks on my sister's Windows, but I want to install Turbo C++ 3.0 on my Mac. I know we can do it using DosBox, and after following a few instructions, I did get the blue screen to come up on my Mac.

However, on running a simple Hello World program, I'm getting the following errors:
and a bunch of other errors all related to this.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

I cannot download xcode as it is too big for my net connection, and i cannot build GCC on my own.

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some compilers (especially with C++) only allow this:

#include <iostream>

Could try taking the .h. Is there no way you cannot install GCC?

It looks like someone is short on their libraries. I take it that you approached your instructor with the problem? She said "what an interesting delima you have here, this is a good learning experence for you", and then left you high and dry. Welcome to the real world. She really didn't, she wants to see what you can do.
Told nothing, expect miracles. Why is everybody picking on me? Bla,bla,bla. This is a relativly simple problem and well within your abilities to fix, even though you do not realize it.
I really would recommend loading xcode on your system. You state that you do not have the banwidth to do so... at home. Then go to your library! Better yet, set up an appointment with a genius at the apple store and if you are up front with your problem they will show you what libraries to load and how to load them and they would probably download xcode right there.
A good resource that you should check out is source forge (sourceforge.net). They have all the libraries that you could need and then some. You can even pick up some quality routines.
You now have the resources that you need, now it is up to you what you do with them. The more that you can think your way out of a box, the better chance you will have out in the real world.

Anyone can tell me, how to use Xcode to write c program? thx before hand.

Apple's Xcode IDE (free download) comes with 4 languages ...
Objective C
When you start a new project it will ask which of these you want to use.

I would dump the instructor that insists on using Turbo C++! Just too lazy to change lecture notes. That thing is medieval! Besides, you miss out on all the great features that have been added with C++11.

i have installed dosbox turbo but complier is not working will u please suggest what can i do......

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