Simple enough - you would think. I need Flashplayer in order to watch videos etc.
HOWEVER Adobe has (apparently) updated it's product beyond the machine I am currently
using - IbookG4
'They' tell us -go to Adobe Archives and install an older version.
What they do not tell us is HOW - there are no instructions - no nothing.
Does anybody have any ideas ????

I don't know what an ibookG4 is but if it is an Apple product, previous versions should be available in their repos and it would be as simple as telling the software manager to install a particular version. Also, the software manager may have a "revert back to the previous version" option, but search on Apple's repos and/or the appropriate sub-forum at Apple's forums, not Adobe's. If you just want flash in a browser, check for flash plugins for whatever browser you use.

commented: What is a 'software manager'? and - have you ever tried apple's forum ? you'll need 2 hours just to get into it ! +0

I dont knew about ibookG4 sorry without solve reaplly.

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