Google's new venture will go public as most of you are reading this (assuming 'most of you' means our American readers, who I assume are a substantial majority). Google is going to release a browser. It's called Chrome and it's going to be geared towards the things we all want to do with our Internet systems - videos, downloads, you know the sort of thing.

Except...kind of...video already works on my system (particularly now that the Internet's working on it again, sprung back to life this morning with no real expectation, I have broadband again, whoopdedoo) and so does audio.

Unless there's something major they're not teling us, and I do acknowledge the possibility of that, this is starting to look like yet another of those solutions to problems that none of us actually realised we had.

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So I've been using chrome for about a half hour now. I crashed it within the first min. importing my Firefox bookmarks. beyond that there seems to be a number of things missing off the bat. There is no right click to set image as background, and the scroll wheel doesn't seem to work at all, and the spell check is spotty as to when it offers the correct spelling. Also, its hard to see my bookmarks disappear when a page opens just me and the window at that point. Other then that its a cool browser, and has potential.

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