I was playing NFS Underground. During a race, at a particular part of the track the system stops responding and the screen turns off. The music is stopped an instead a repeated noise is heard. The system restarts instantly. After logging i can see the error name to be "BlueScreen".
I played again the same track and it happens again.
I use Lenovo Y500 laptop. Windows Vista Home Basic OS,1GB RAM,Intel 945GM Express chipset, 224MB Intel Media Accelerator.
This is the first time i see the error. I have played NFS Most Wanted in the same computer. I had no errors then.
Can you help me resolve the problem?
Thanks in advance.

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this is how to get more info on the error in xp (should be similar in vista)

go control panel -> system (i think its under advanced settings on the left in vista)

advanced tab -> startup and recovery settings

make sure Automatically Restart if UNTICKED

then when it crashes you will get a blue sceren and an error number. Post the number here

I think the reason it crashes though is because NFS undergorund is not meant to run on your system. The Intel Media Accelerator isnt really a
224MB graphcis card, its like 8 and steals the rest from the system memory. Therefore it has very very poor games performance and is useful watching movies etc..., and thats about it


or it could be a incorrect driver installed for your graphics card download an updated one from the manufactures website.

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