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what program are you using? windows media player doesn't play mpg's. itunes does though, but I recommend vlc because it can play any format.


yea wmv's play in windows media player fine but mpg's used to play on a webpage but now they don't for some reason?!! i'm on a samsung laptop with windows xp and i've got mcafee anti-virus software if any of them can be a factor??


Try opening the mpg file with 'QuickTimePlayer'. Mose computers come with QuickTime and can also be download from apples website. Remember that when opening the file with QuickTime (the first time), you will need to right-click the file --> Open With --> Choose program. Then a window will come up. If QuickTime is not on the list, try to find it by clicking Browse then the most likely place will be in Drive C:\Program Files\QuickTime... If a QuickTime or apple folder (or simular) are there then you can download QuickTime at the website below. If the folder is found, open it and double click the QuickTime application, select the tickbox in the window you used to browse the applecation and click OK.

QuickTime website:


>Don't use quicktime, baaad playback on windows machines, and not much can be done.

I disagree, there is nothing wrong with quicktime on windows. It plays perfectly fine, just like on a mac. But I agree with VLC as it's more powerful.


i can't play any mpg files, only wmv files, how do i sort this out?

You might want to review this article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/316992

The statement from TheNNS concerning MPG and playback by WMP is not entirely correct. WMP will play MPG files. There are a number of reasons specific MPG files may not play most of which are due to missing or inappropriate CODEC(s). Their are as many CODEC(s) as their vendors it seems. A number of which you can find here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/plugins.aspx

MPG file formats are:
Mpeg1- Originally used to create VideoCD's and in early Microsoft Windows media player, as well as early versions of Quicktime.
Mpeg2- The compression scheme used for DVD authoring
Mpeg3- Also known as MP3, compression used for music and portable music players
Mpeg4- Newest compression scheme, used by Apple Quicktime for web content and other purposes

As for opening media files in the web page you need to set the MultiMedia options in IE7 these options are located in Tools - Internet Options - click on the Advanced Tab and scroll down to the Multimedia section.

If you are using FireFox click on Tools - Options and in the File Types section click on manage - scroll down to the MPG entry highlight it and click on Change Action - here you can set the program that you want FireFox to use to open the file.

In WMP check Tools - Options and in the file types tab ensure that Movie file (mpeg) is checked. Under the Security tab check the box Run script commands and rich media streams when the player is in a web page.

Concerning the comment from TheNNS about Quicktime, Apple has gotten really gotten much better at it.


I was confused with mpg and mpeg-1. WMP will play mpg's, like dos_centavos said, but you do need the right codecs.

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