\i am having trouble opening certain web pages with my new p4 xp. that I just bought. For instance the To: button in my yahoo mail compose box. I click on it and get a busy mouse signal then nothing . Click again and get not responding. Opening thumbnail pictures on the net is the same. Perhaps my settings are not correct although my content advisor is turned off and cookies set to medium. What else is there? Do I need to post a hijack this log? Thanks for reading. Stephen

Are you using XP Service Pack 2? If so you might want to make sure the built in pop up blocker is turned off and try setting the sites you're trying to view content on to the Trusted Sites zone. Also never hurts to clear temporary internet files either if you haven't already done so.

I am running sp 1 i believe although I could not find a pop up blocker


To check what service pack you have: Start-->Run-->winver then click "Ok".

IF you are running service pack 2 then you'll have an option for a pop-up blocker @ Tools-->Internet Options-->Privacy tab

If you are not using service pack 2 are you using a pop-up blocker of some sort? If so...disable it!

Also try clearing the temporary internet files: Tools-->Internet Options-->General tab and click Delete Files

good luck!