Anyone else tried the SP3 Release Candidate?

Its nothing new, its more like the Rollup was for windows 2000

Includes all post SP2 hotffizxes and security updates. It DOES NOT install .NET, WMP11, IE7 (but has patches for them if you do have them installed). Only new things are tyo do with networking, to make it vista/server 2008 friendly.

Does seem to be stable though and windows seems faster?? dont know why...

Its for xp x86 only (not x86_64 pro !, thats based on server 2003)

a nice feature is that a product key is no longer requierd at install time (ms ran out)

did you install on your primary machine or a vm machine

real machine but not my college one (just the games pc) . im not bothered if i have to reinstall the os (but you shouldnt have to, the RC is uninstallable and ms say you should be able to uninstall and install the Gold Master when its out)

So Bennet would i even need to bother with SP3 then? SP2 works fine with no issues?
You waffled on about that Gold Master thing, what is it?

Gold Master is what you call a final release

Beta (in ms terms, "Techncal Preview) -> Release candidate -> Gold master (publically available for use on production machines)

Get SP3 when is its properley released. Its cumulative so you can be assured that you have all the latest fixes and security patches.

There is a minor kernel update and people have reported a 10% speed boost. I myself have noticed a speed boost but i dont know whether i could describe it as 10% or not.

ooo speed is good :P
And i know what Beta means mate :D
At least i know now.

yeah generally the RC doesnt change (it becomes the master version) unless showstopper bugs are found