Hello, I have a Compaq Presario 6214AN running WinXP Home Athlon 2400 256 ram, Nvidia GeForce MX440 graphics card. My problem is described as follows:

When I have an application or a window open and wish to close it by right clicking on its respective icon in the taskbar, nView extensions can appear anywhere between two and twenty + times in the context menu. The problem does not seem to have a direct correlation to any particular window or application. I do not have any other monitors connected for dual display. I can't pinpoint when this exactly started but gradually seems to be getting worse. Can anybody help with this?? Thanks in advance.

Why did no one ever answer this man's question of almost 2 years ago?
I have the same problem, only worse.
How can I get rid of (delete or disable) this plague called 'nView extensions'?
Sincerely, I've tried everything I know.

Me too. It jams the windows resource so fast that no more new window can open up.


There is a option in nView desktop manager to turn off the nView extension in right-click menu. So far it hides the problem.

desktop->nView setting->windows->cross off "extend application system nenus....."

Hope that helps

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