I frequently will go to multiple web pages from an original web page. That is, I will open a web page and from that page, open successive web pages. I thought I remembered being able to do that in the past. I would be able to open a web page in Explorer, view a few more pages, and then back page to previous and/or the original page. Now, when I page back, previously viewed pages have been closed and I frequently find myself altogether out of Explorer. Is this a bug? Could I possibly be misremembering the ability to do that 2 years ago withy the same programs?

It's become pretty inconvenient to not be able to return to a previous web page. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

Two possibilities:

1. You changed the setting of the number of items to keep in history.

2. One of the sites is selfish, and either deletes or changes the history in an attempt to keep you from using your back button. The webmaster should be marked as spam.

OOoohhhh...meekly, he asks "how does one adjust the setting for how many items to keep in history? I don't think I've ever considered that. Thanks.

In IE, go to Internet Options / General / History / Setting.

This also sets other browsers.

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