Hi to all. I need your help. For about a 1 week I been having this dilema. as a matter of fact I thought that I was going to have to by another hard drive which at the moment I really dont want to waste $ on. anyways after I tried to correct this problem with windows xp recovery console, and even trying to reinstall windows xp I didn't have no success. at times I got messages saying 0 drive found I believe. after trying to fix this problem 1 day of rest later all of a sudden the recovery consule worked and windows surprisely started. it was working like for 35 minutes and all of a sudden I get a damn! blue screen message saying that windows shutdown to prevent damage. I'll be back later on today.please If u can help me with this I will really appreciate it.

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It sounds as if you have a a hardware fault, could be disk or controller.

First I would ensure all cables are seated correctly.

Second connect disk to another ide/sata (you don't say what it is) port

Third unplug all other hardware, including internal drives, in case psu is being overloaded.

Forth put hard drive in external case and see if it works ok connected to other computer.

Hope this gives you a plan to sort problems. Please let us know how you get on.



Hi. thanks 4 the reply. Honestly, other than connecting to the internet and using microsoft word and excel. I have limited knowledge with computer. I have a 600m Dell Laptop. What's the easiest way to do all your advices with it.
Thanks again!

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