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Got a new laptop for christmas with windows vista home edition (32-bit) on and set it up to access the wireless internet (d-link router) it has worked fine for couple of weeks and then all of a sudden it has stopped working

i have a XP PC which is wired in and that still connect to the internet
my sisters CP PC connect wirelessly and that is working fine
my gaming PC with windows vista ultimate edition (32-bit) installed works fine

i have read up on different forums about power settings which i have changed and still no luck with it, i have tried making the wireless connection unsecure, chaging the channel and my laptop still does not connect but all other PCs in the house connect fine.

also i have took the laptop round my girlfriends house when stayng over and the wireless connects fine, this is WEP enabled

can any of use guys help with this :)


Can you connect at all through the router onto the internet? Are you able to connect through an Ethernet cable?

i have a XP PC which is wired in and that still connect to the internet 'Quoted'

also problem is now solved,

changed channel from channel 6 to channel 11 and it worked

confussed on how this worked but it is, will give it a couple of weeks see if it starts playing up again if it does then ill be back :)

Channel 11 is the most commonly used channel and is the best channel for not being affected by other networks nearby. Channel 9 i believe is good if you have cordless phones near the router, because it ignores the signals given of by the phone. But good to hear that it works for you!

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