Somehow, I don't have a clue how, my Dell Cineplayer seems to've disapeared. When trying to play DVD's, Media Center attempts to, but tells me:

Decoder Error
The video decoder has either malfunctioned or is not installed. Please restart Media Center and/or the computer.

What on earth do I need to do to rectify this?

Try reading the article at
It basically says that you need to download a DVD player as the version that comes with dell isn't good enough. It helps if you google these things.

Actually its not a DVD player issue, its a codec issue. It looks as though your decoder became corrupted, it happens. I do suggest downloading the suggested codec pack.

As dyamond said, my DVD player was working beautifully. I'm trying to download the codec pack now. I had tried downloading a couple of things already, but don't seem to've been what I needed.

I installed that codec pack to end up with no change at all. I've tried researching on the internet. Don't know if it's because I've never really gotten into the whole multimedia experience, but most of what I've turned up has only confused me.

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