My company hosts software on a Windows 2003 server for our clients.

The clients access a Https:// url to logon to their site.
One of our clients is having an issue when they type in the url which is in the format of

The underscores resolve to percent symbols in the IE address bar.
Additional security has been applied to the hosting server to prevent the HTTPS session being hacked - something related to the fixation cookie ??(not my forte sorry)

The client is running Windows Xp and IE 7
the application itself is programmed in asp
Once they attempt log on the page brings them back to a restart option and doesn't progress past the login page.

Any ideas on what to check or change on their IE settings to get this to work.
I guess if I supply them with the IP address instead of URL it would temporarily solve the problem


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I would say this is a character set mismatch, with some other character in an extended character set being mapped to the underscore key.

- Make sure the browser is using the same character set the server uses.

- If an alternate set is used because the user speaks a foreign language, instruct the user how to create the correct character with Alt key codes. (This happens when alphabets have more than 26 letters, such as the Cyrillic or Greek alphabets.)

- The % sign or the ? mark (depending on brand) appears when a character can't be displayed in the character set the browser is using.

- Another possibility is to create another entry point without underscores.

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