I have a web server at home running Windows 2003 Server. This week, the server has frozen 2 times. It looks like the keyboard stops responding even though the mouse cursor has movement. Once this happens I loose connectivity to the server. The only thing that I can do is to restart the system.

There is nothing on the logs or event viewer. Server has been running for a year now with no problems such as hardware conflicts or anything. I have scanned for viruses and for spyware and have found nothing.

Any ideas?

Do you have a console attached to this server or are you strictly accessing it over RDP? If you have a console, can you get into Windows from there and use the keyboard? If you can't get in over the console it sounds like some sort of hardware issue if you haven't installed any new device drivers or hotfixes lately.

What hardware is this running on and are you using any third party drivers (i.e. SCSI drives, network cards, etc)?

You might also just want to run a memtest86 on the machine just to rule out the memory being problematic. Other causes could be registry related - but that's a bugger to diagnose :(



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