I looked through the forums and didn't see this come up, but it might have already been answered. A friend of mine recently upgraded to Vista from XP. He had problems with installing over top of XP, so he finally just did an entire clean install of Vista, but before he did he put all his files on his second Hard Disk.
Well, Vista is working, except he cannot get to any of the files on his second drive. He can SEE the second drive, but cannot access that whole drive. Has anyone experienced this before?


yes, is he getting "access denied" on his my documents?

thats because of permissions. He probably made his account private when he put a password on it using XP which means that vista cant get at those files.

There are ways to get at them though, i think.

From what he tells me it's not so much that he gets an "access denied" issue, so much as he cannot go to the drive at all. When he pulls up the system information, Vista sees the drive, but he cannot navigate there, since no method of navigation that he tries will admit that there is even a second hard disk.

Right click on my computer and choose manage

Go into disk management.

It will list all physical drives and partitions attatched. He may have to assign it a drive letter. If so, he can do it here.

Archaeon, let ur friend post an image of the "computer" section where the hard disks are listed, and that may help me solve the problem.